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DJ on the move, Virtual DJ for Windows 8 Tablets

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The new Virtual DJ v7.4 is out, and can very well be the best friend for all young starter DJs around. Effects, modulators, controllers all are present in this version. To make things better, using a touch screen make things even cooler. As there required hardware specification for this software is low, even an Atom powered device can make full use of the free home version.

Though veteran users of this software might find there is actually not much difference than the previous entries. While having a touchscreen is nice, most of the components are still meant for the mouse and keyboard. For instance, to select a song from the playlist, you can swipe through the song list, instead it feels more like click the next song. This problem was actually fixed with the Tiesto Version of Virtual DJ, but it is only exclusive for ACER products only.

With saying that, it is still a fun and fruitful software, that will pretty much excite all young entry-level DJs who just want to have fun, mixing around with having a need of buying an actual DJ set.

Check out Virtual DJ here.


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